Glass first at all. Handmade with love and passion.

Our brand so far

Creation as expression of personal intuition. The evocation of something you have inside.

We don’t know exactly when, where or how human beings discovered to make glass but since 1500 b.c. there has been an actual glass industry in Egypt. So the handcrafted glass jewels by Sara Talso line up in a long tradition and tell a fascinating story about artisan skills and artistic creativity.

She goes beyond the eternal tension between craft and art creating necklaces, bracelets, rings or sculptures which are a real feast for the senses and will surprise you with their warmth and flexibility. Thanks to Sara Talso’s deep knowledge of the various techniques she shapes the glass in new, unusual or organic forms, adding not only colours and other materials but also emotions.

Actually every single artwork is a short glance on the artist’s soul (she prefers to define herself as artisan) because her jewels or sculptures are the visual and tangible echo of an intimate elaboration in response to the world we live in – preferably related to nature, i.e. the Earth and the Sea.

Sara Talso and her VetroGioielli are far more than handcrafted jewels, the transparency of glass offers us positive vibes spreading joy and good mood. Studio:

Atelier: Via Commenda, 33 Milano – interphone 12


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